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To confirm their license status, we reached out to various regulatory bodies. ASIC, COSNOB, CySEC, FSMA, and SEC. None of these regulatory bodies has ever heard of this platform. And this makes Imperial Finance an unlicensed and unregulated brokerage firm. Stay away from this platform.

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Another issue we have with this broker is posting random numbers as their license number. Why have they not backed their claim by posting a document to prove their status? A real broker will post details regarding their license for all users to confirm. These scam artists have failed to post any registration details for one reason or the other. They know lack of a license deems then unworthy. Accepted and established Forex brokers are an ideal way of making money with trading. Reliable and reputable brokers will ensure your safety at all times. Go for brokers who have a strong online reputation and come highly recommended by experts.

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Although this broker is registered in St. There is no other possible advantage with dealing with an unlicensed broker. All facts point at security of funds not being guaranteed. Users should stay away from this broker to avoid any financial risk. Imperial Finance is furnishing users with three account types to choose from. Accounts are Classic, Investor, and VIP. What we noticed with this platform is the high amount of depository requirement. Another fake claim we noticed is having insurance on these accounts. If this was true, why have they failed to compensate some of these members?

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ImperialFinance is claiming to have a mobile as well as web based platform. The problem with their mobile platform is compatibility with IOS devices. These scam artists have a platform which does not offer any safety features. Just like their website, these scam artists have not properly secures their trading platform.

Hackers can easily take advantage of this loophole and steal personal data. Another huge problem we have with this platform is lack of proper communication channels. ImperialFinance is using a one way communication channel which is at a disadvantage. And this gives Imperial Finance a chance to decide which emails to respond to.

Imperial Finance Review: Scam Review

Another issue we found with this platform is in regards to safety of funds. Imperial Finance is not safeguarding funds which is a huge problem. It would seem this platform lacks DDoS Encryption which puts users at risk.

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Hackers can easily take over this platform and steal any funds available. Another perturbing issue with this broker is segregation of accounts. Accounts are not segregated which is a huge problem. Members should not expect any compensation as this broker is not in any compensatory scheme.

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Another issue we must raise is in regards to lack of proper security features. After further scrutiny, we are sure ImperialFinance is a scam. Members are crying foul after being shredded with fake trading services. Make sure to mark their emails as Spam and warn your family and friends from signing up.

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Adding this broker to our scam blacklist will protect our readers. Stay away from this platform or else face huge financial risk. Why not sign up with approved and credible Forex trading robots at all times. Sign up with leading and trusted Forex trading robots at all times. Go for lucrative Forex trading robots with a proven track record. Time to make money is now with effective Forex trading robots. Gibt es keine Möglichkeit der Imperial Finance Group , Einhalt zu Gebieten??

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In my experience the IAG rights issue was a lot more drawn out and detrimental to the company than the placings AML and PHE undertook months ago. We are not saying that we want a rights issue, merely that we would support it if it had to be. Home Share Prices Share Prices Financial Diary Commodities Broker Ratings Fantasy Share Game UK Industry Sectors Research Tools Aquis Stock Exchange Share Prices.

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