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At these levels, there is a real fight between bulls and bears, the accumulation of many orders, which leads to increased volatility. The indicator automatically adjusts to any instrument and timeframe. MACDivergence MTF demo Pavel Zamoshnikov. Advanced ideas of the popular MACD indicator: It detects and displays classic and reverse divergences three methods of detecting divergences.

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It uses different color to highlight an uptrend and a downtrend. This is a multi-timeframe indicator: it can display MACD data from other timeframes. Two methods of drawing: classic histogram and line. It generates sound and v. Katong Zigzag Mulyanto Gunawan. This indicator is a modification of the original ZigZag. I usually used it in GBPUSD with H4 timeframe. This indicator works best in trending market. This indicator will show you: When to open combo positions two positions in one direction Trend confirmation always use TP and SL Weekly breakout, Monthly breakout Red arrow means trend confirmation.

Works best when combined with other indicators. Mad MB lite Chenchen Liu. Mad MB I am a Chinese, my English level is not good, if you can understand Chinese, please switch to Chinese, the introduction is more detailed. MadMB EA is based on custom variation of Bands indicator and MA. Ea's profitability is not high, but relatively stable.

Every order have stoploss level. The default parameters are applicable to XAUUSD at 5m. This is a preliminary version, the signal is not filtered. I will gradually raise the price of t. Rainbow MT4 Jamal El Alama. Rainbow MT4 is a technical indicator based on Moving average with period 34 and very easy to use. The Expert advisor Rainbow EA MT4 based on Rainbow MT4 indicator, as you can see in the short video below is now available here. Open All FREE Chantal Sala. The Open All indicator uses a simple market information that is "Open Candle". This is the FREE version of paid indicator.

This tool is able to show all the openings of all time frames in order to extract information of strength and trendy. You can display 28 instruments with relative time frame interior for a total of informations.

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Using it correctly you could get valuable aid to intercept co. Target Fibo Bobokus Valeriy Medvedev. The indicator automatically draws Fibo Bobokus levels on a chart. Detection of Weekly Targets, Support and Resistance By the end of a week, on Friday night, Fibo Bobokus is drawn from the week's high to its low. It will be a projection of bullish and bearish targets for the next week, as well as support and resistance areas to monitor.

Whenever the targets are not achieved in a given week, they are usually achieved at the beginning of next week Sunday-Tuesday , followed by a massive reversal. Support and Resistance Static and Dynamic Mehran Sepah Mansoor. This indicator can find important market points and help you draw static and dynamic support and resistance. It's also draw some fibo levels for more convenience. All Timeframes and All Currency, CFD , Metal , Inputs : -Model Static. Harmonics BAT Pattern Jonathan Mcbrine.

This is a Harmonics Bat pattern EA. It can identify different variants of Harmonics Bat patterns Bullish and Bearish and accurately place trades. It has the following features: It provides the option of automatically determining the best take profit and stop loss point. Determines a good point for entering trades based on a projected D point of the Bat patterns.

Trade management by using flexible stop loss, trailing stop loss and partial of full take profit. There is also a possibility to togg. Net Change FREE Chantal Sala. This is the FREE version of Net Change Indicator. Only a Symbol! The indicator Net Change is a very useful tool able to extrapolate a percentage in order to have a real reference on the performance of the instrument. This indicator is designed to show the main values: you could monitor the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual and Annual percentages.

A necessary tool for those who want to really explore the quantitative logic of the market. Extremum Reverse Bar Yurij Izyumov. This indicator has been created for finding the probable reversal points of the symbol price. A small candlestick reversal pattern is used it its operation in conjunction with a filter of extremums. The indicator is not redrawn! If the extremum filter is disabled, the indicator shows all points that have a pattern.

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If the extremum filter is enabled, the condition works — if the history Previous bars 1 candles back contains higher candles and they are farther than the Previous bars 2 candle, such. TrendRevertingPROM5 Nedyalka Zhelyazkova. Trend Reverting PRO is suitable if you are doing trend trading or following the trend. Trend Reverting PRO generates arrows in the beginning and in the continuation of the trend. This is FREE trial version of the indicator and works only on EURUSD M5.

T he full version of the indicator here : Trend Reverting PRO BENEFITS OF USING TREND REVERTING PRO Displays the current market situation; Automatic analysis of market opportunities ; Help traders earn more from their investments; Never. PZ Pivot Points Arturo Lopez Perez. SFT Gravity Line Artem Kuzmin. The gravity line indicator to which the price always returns. This is a kind of center of attraction and a magnet for price. Allows you to trade on the trend and on pullbacks. It works on all timeframes, on any currency pairs, metals and cryptocurrency Can be used when working with binary options Distinctive features Does not redraw its values; Price always returns to the line of gravity; Based on the laws of balance; It has simple and clear settings; It works on all timeframes and on all symb.

Keltner Raschke indicator Vadim Zotov. The indicator uses the Chester W. Keltner's channel calculation method, modified by the well-known trader Linda Raschke. Due to the modification, the calculated channel contains a much more complete overview of the price movements, which allows increasing the probability of an accurate prediction of the upcoming price movement. Unlike the classic Keltner method, the base line of the channel is plotted based on the Exponential Moving Average, and the Average True Range is used to calculate the up. HMA Dynamic Color Wojciech Kuczer. HMA — Hull Moving Average is an indicator created by Allan Hull.

HMA calculates the average price and draws results as a line on a chart.

The biggest advantage of HMA is minimal lag comparing to SMA Smooth Moving Average or WMA Weighted Moving Average Moving averages are always popular among traders. Investors trust them because they can be very accurate trend indicators. HMA used properly can be very helpful as a part of the trading strategy. PZ Three Drives Arturo Lopez Perez.

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This indicator finds Three Drives patterns. It signals that the market is exhausted and a reversal can happen. Bermaui Deviation Percent Demo Muhammad Elbermawi. This is a Demo version that works only on EURUSD , a one-hour chart with full functionality. ZigZag and Fractals MT4 Sergey Stachurlov.

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The first one is ZigZag with adjustable wave height found it in Code Base. The second on is Bill Williams' fractals. These indicators complement each other. ZigZag is used for detecting Elliott waves, and Fractals show the structure of each wave. The height of ZigZags can be and it should be adjusted depending on the timeframe the indicator is used with. Fitted values of "Minimum points in a ray" parameter for different timeframes are listed. RSI Bands MT4 Pierce Vallieres. RSI Bands is a powerful indicator which displays an upper and lower band corresponding to the RSI overbought and oversold levels.